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Nori Rolls
Course Main Dish
Course Main Dish
  1. Lay a sushi mat on a cutting board.
  2. Line the edge of 1 sheet of nori with the edge of the mat that is closest to you. Have the vertical lines in the nori perpendicular to you. You will be rolling away from yourself.
  3. All ingredients will be placed on the nori in horizontal lines, so that if you were to cut into the completed roll at any two points, you would see the same interior. Put a half inch strip of avocado on the bottom edge.
  4. Make a line of carrots and then a line of jicama.
  5. Wet ingredients with a little lemon juice and Bragg Amino or South River Miso (made with Adzuki beans).
  6. Wet the edge farthest from you with water. This will seal the roll upon completion of the rolling process.
  7. The initial roll over and tuck is the most critical part of the rolling process. Lift the mat along with the nori and other contents up and over the piled ingredients and tuck tightly to complete the first rollover.
  8. At this point, release the mat, pulling forward and rolling the remainder of the nori.
  9. At this point, release the mat, pulling forward and rolling the remainder of the nori. When you lift up the mat, be sure the nori sheet is tucked completely under so that you can finish the rolling process. Voila!
  10. Allow the completed roll to sit for 5 – 10 minutes before cutting. This will soften the nori a bit and make it easier to cut cleanly.
  11. Take the roll off the sushi mat and slice with a serrated knife along the lines on the nori.
  12. Serve with wasabi, sliced pickled ginger or South River Miso, Tamari, Nami Shoyo or whatever you prefer.
Recipe Notes

Note: The Instructions #2 – 11 were copied from the Healthful Cuisine by Anna Maria Clement (Co-director of the Hippocrates Health Institute) & Chef Kelly Serbonich.


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