The three primary reasons I chose to come to this class was 1) to learn how to shop, prepare, and sustain healthier eating habits; 2) to share with family, friends, and others the knowledge I’ve gained with confidence; and 3) to learn how the body can heal itself naturally with a healthy diet. I learned all of that and so much more! This class was very informational, interactive and the pace was good. It taught me how simple and easy the raw food lifestyle is. The Manual and DVD’s are easy to follow and contain a wealth of information. I appreciated the Q & A section in each chapter to further enhance my learning experience. Having a ‘coach’ to share the raw-experience with, who has been through the class, was encouraging and beneficial to help put things in perspective. It was interesting and exciting to learn how much more nutritional and beneficial sprouting and juicing are.

I also enjoyed the raw food recipes and was pleased to discover that raw food is easy, tasty and flavorful, (and so much healthier).

The guest speakers were living; breathing examples of what a raw based diet can do for you and their fascinating stories and experiences deepened my desire to apply what I’ve learned into my new lifestyle. It’s amazing what you learn that you didn’t realize you didn’t know. The DVD’s were an eye-opener and raised an awareness in me to really think about what I’m putting in my body and the effects my choices have on a global level. This course was very inspiring and motivating and I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to share this experience with such wonderful people in the class. I feel much more confident about my ability to prepare delicious, nutritious, raw foods. I also have a better understanding of the use of various kitchen appliances and tools and I feel more competent to instruct others. Betsy is a very knowledgeable and friendly instructor and her warm personality and commitment to ‘Optimum Health’ is contagious. I look forward to reaching my own ‘Optimum Health’ and sharing this ‘Life Force Energy’ with others. I would definitely recommend her class for anyone who is looking to live and eat healthier.

I sum it all up with two of my favorite passages: “A living food diet and fasting on living juices is the most expedient and effective way to change your physical, emotional, and psychological person, and will change your consciousness.” and . . . “Eating raw is the fuel of consciousness (Love, Honor, and Respect of Self), it will take away from you the negativity that comes from eating biochemically (abnormal) processed foods; and it will enhance your normal chemistry by activating the serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins (happy juices) in your brain.”

“Thank you for your contribution to my life and giving me a way to effectively contribute to the world of health and well being. I am deeply grateful.”