Advisory Committee

We envision the Optimum Health Solution advisory committee as a group of individuals with extraordinary talent, resources, and vision who are willing to lend their counsel to OHS. We convene as needed, usually yearly, to update our advisors on the organization’s progress and to hear feedback and suggestions. Our advisors help us to make connections with individuals, businesses, and organizations who can further the OHS mission of promoting healthy EDUCATION, ADVOCACY, and sustainable COMMUNITY.

Thank you to these inspiring individuals for their commitment to their organization:

  • Nancy Antonucci
  • Kathy Barrows
  • Theresa Drum
  • Celia Elinson
  • Cece Fins
  • Mark Gorman
  • Marni Grossman
  • Linda Handrahan
  • Sally Lukez
  • Carolyn Montalto
  • Nancy Rice
  • Samantha Scolamiero
  • Valerica Stanca
  • Diane Sugrue
  • Heike Westphal
  • CJ Wong