Nicaraguan Lakeside Vegetarian Retreat

Feb 2nd- 10th 2018

Do you need an inexpensive wellness retreat? Are you tired of paying top dollar just to get away someplace where you can recharge your body with healthy vegetarian food, close to nature, in the company of like-minded people?

Then look no further – come to the Lakeside Retreat in Ometepe Island called an “Oasis of Peace,” it lies on Lake Cocibolca, in the south of Nicaragua, it was created by the formation of the two volcanoes it hosts, Concepción and Maderas, which lie on either side of the island. Lakeside was built in 1995 as a monastery. The architecture is simple and functional. The views are majestic. There is always a refreshing breeze rustling through Lakeside and the sunsets over the lake are magical. The tourism that comes to the island is focused on eco-tourism and preservation, so it still maintains its other-worldliness, its solitude and natural life, feeling still very much untouched. Its solitude and natural life are very much untouched, offering our guests a transformational experience! Come Unplug, Detox and Rejuvenate.

The following is a typical daily diet for our guest: Up to four glasses of fresh, raw carrot, beet and green- leaf juices prepared from fresh, locally sourced fruits and vegetables.

Two glasses of fresh coconut water.

Three full vegetarian meals, freshly prepared from mostly locally grown fruits, vegetables and whole grains. A typical meal will include salad, cooked vegetables, nuts, baked potatoes, quinoa, oats, lentils, rice and legumes, vegetable soup

Fresh fruit available at all hours for snacking, in addition to the regular diet.

At Additional Costs:

Bemer Daily use extra at $10 a day for two sessions

Buteyko breathing class will be available at coast- this will be a good time to get trained on a daily basis by our resident expert.

Empower yourself with Ayurveda- self-care and health reserve building practices with the ancient time tested holistic wellness science from India.

We thank the Wholistic Health Alliance for their support.
Airport pick up can be arranged at minimal cost from mainland.

Retreat price includes accomodation

Regular Price: $1200*

Special Inaugural Price: $850.

**Your Retreat Price includes: Accomodation single or double rooms- some with shared bathrooms

The rooms will be very simple, some with shared rooms, some with shared bathrooms no air conditioning, fans provided

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Morning Yoga and Meditation will be available in the Chapel through audio or video recording

Payment: Please send a check in the name of Poonam Ahluwalia to 8 Peachtree Road, Lexington. If you want to pay via Paypal please request an invoice.

For More Information Please Contact:, or

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Weather: Ometepe has a tropical climate—In February the temps are 85-95 F during the day andhigh 70’s at night. This is the dry season (November-April)
  2. How to get there: It’s possible to meet everyone at the airport if the group travels together:
    • Fly into Managua,
    • Taxi to San Jorge (Rivas) Ferry to Ometepe takes 90 minutes
    • Last ferry leaves the port at 5.45PM it takes about 75 minutes to get to Ometepe.

i. Ferry goes to either Moyogalpa or San Jose. San Jose is easier for pick up. The ferry to San Jose (the Rey de Cocibolca) leaves San Jorge at 930AM and 500PM. Other boats serve Moyogalpa almost hourly (7AM-545PM).

• Return to Managua to catch return flights

  1. Last ferry leaves the island from Moyogalpa at 530 PM. And from San Jose (closer)leaves at 300PM.
  2. Remember that the ferry ride takes about 75 minutes, the taxi to the airport takes aboutan hour and a half.
  1. How to get back to Managua to catch return flights
    1. The earliest ferry leaves at 7.30 am. Last ferry leaves from Moyogalpa at 530 PM. And from San Jose (closer) at 300PM.
    2. Remember that the ferry ride takes about 75 minutes, the taxi to the airport takes about an hour and a half.
  2. Flight tickets: At this time Expedia is showing tickets ranging from $457 – $700. Once you confirm we can book the flight that works best for all of you. The flight we would suggest is – if we decide quick enough we can look for discounted Group tickets:
    • Depart Bos AA 2538 – 6.40 am Arrive Miami at 10.23 am (wait time 1 hour) Depart Miami at 11.25 am AA2243 arrive Managua at 1.14 pm giving ample time to get to Ometepe Island
    • Return Departure AA 928 – 2.10 pm – 5.55 pm arrive Miami (layover 1h 45m) Depart Miami AA 2539- 7.40 pm arrive Boston 11.02 pm.
    • This gives ample time to get to and from the Island
  3. What to wear: shorts, t shirts and sandals. No need to dress up!
  4. What to expect: A tropical paradise! And yes, there are bugs local folks don’t believe in spraying to poison the environment. That said, for people who are very sensitive to bug bites, you may want to bring a spray that you like to use. Most of the rooms have no screens and very large windows and doors; the beds all have mosquito nets. In addition, this island has limited access to specialty items (gluten free foods, etc.). If there are specialty items you must have, best to bring them.
  5. Medical facilities: There is a very basic hospital in Moyogalpa. The regional hospital is an hour ferry ride on the mainland in Rivas. Managua (about an hour and a half from Rivas) have excellent health care. However, there is a very good doctor on the island.
  6. Communications: There is limited wifi and cell phone service. You would need an unlocked phone to serve you in Nicaragua, and should talk with your carrier about the costs of calls. Skype is available and also WhatsApp (this would be a good App to install on your cell). However, we strongly suggest you unplug while on the retreat and only communicate with friends and family in the event of an emergency, but this is entirely up to you! Just remember that you are on an island in a developing country and cannot expect the same level of service or convenience you experience in the USA. We appreciate your understanding!
  7. Anything else: Please email