Healthy living at home

A New Service Offered to You by
Optimum Health Solution

Healthy Living at Home can help!

Hire a trained Health Educator/Chef

With this new service from Optimum Health Solution, you can hire a trained Health Educator/Chef (E/C) to not only prepare delicious meals for you but also help you organized your kitchen and teach you the skills to make healthy living at home a breeze!

10 week Eat to Thrive course

Each E/C has completed Optimum Health Solution’s 10 week Eat to Thrive course and is available to help you meet your health goals. There is a 3 hour minimum per visit. Meals are prepared with organic, fresh, whole foods and created with you in mind depending on your needs.

Topics on Healthy Lifestyle

Topics on Healthy Lifestyle can include, sprouting, fermentation/pickling, detoxification, kitchen organization and mindfulness.

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What you would like to do?


Would you like to eat better but don’t have time to cook?


Would you like to have an organized, well equipped kitchen so you can prepare healthy meals?


Would you like to learn how to prepare delicious food with wholesome fresh ingredients?