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Eat To Thrive
FREE introduction!

Fall 2018 Classes TBA


Hear from recent graduates of the course. Exactly two weeks before the new course begins—same night, same time—meet us at 126 Myrtle Street, Waltham, MA for a free smoothie, refreshments, and to hear from our alums.

Your next chance to check it out will be
Thursday, March 1,  6:30-8:30 pm.

FREE Smoothie Demo with Samples
Receive a $50 discount when signing up for the 10-week Life Transforming Class at this event!

Heike Westphal

I’ve taken Eat to Thrive 5 times reinforcing what I learned at the Hippocrates Health Institute to reverse breast cancer.

Randy Jacobs

The class has enabled me to understand how my body functions and what it needs to make it apart of my everyday life.

JoJo LaRiccia

JoJo LaRiccia is the host/producer of JoJo’s DreamCart, TV for kids and also a producer and filmmaker of LaRiccia Media. The “Eat To Thrive” course will allow you to grow intellectually, spiritually and most of all your health will improve and you’ll make new friends with like-minded people.

Diane Sugrue

I highly recommend taking the “Eat to Thrive” course with Betsy Bragg. The course has changed my life. Not only did I lose 35 pounds effortlessly, but I look and feel 20 years younger! I am full of energy and happiness. This course is priceless


Linda Handrahan

As a cancer survivor, I’m very grateful for learning so many options for natural health rather than Pharmaceuticals


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