Audit  $750
Repeating Audit Students and Family Members $375
Health Educator $1250
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About the Course

Eat to Thrive is a comprehensive and inspirational 10-week course developed by Betsy Bragg to educate people in a holistic, sensible approach to a living-foods diet and lifestyle. The class will teach you to recognize your mind-body connection and how to cleanse and nourish your body and soul. Be inspired to develop daily routines that nurture your path to personal empowerment. Explore various holistic approaches to healing while learning to set up your living food kitchen. Expand your nutritional knowledge, including the A-B-C’s of sprouting and the optimal benefits of an alkaline and enzyme-rich diet.

Each class will include a lesson about a key topic for health and nutrition, a featured guest speaker with experience in the field, a five course dinner, and hands-on experience preparing plant-sourced foods. Throughout the course you will gain access to a variety of healthy, delicious recipes and learn how simple, enjoyable and affordable it can be to change your lifestyle.

During the 10 weeks of this course, you will not only be able to change your life, but you will learn the skills required to ensure a long, healthy life for your family as well. Those interested in sharing their knowledge of health and nutrition with others have the option of receiving a health educator certification through this program. Others who only seek exposure to the material can audit the course for a lower fee. Every person who enrolls will enjoy the benefits of finding a community of people passionate about creating healthy behaviors and supporting others in pursuit of the same goals.

Schedule a consult with Betsy Bragg at 617-835-2913.

How it Works

  • Course Length: 10 weeks
  • Duration: March 14 – May 30
  • Average Class Size: 12 students
  • You Will Get: Free 365-page textbook, 25+ DVDs to watch at home, and FREE introduction September 12th!

You Will Learn

  • The health benefits of plant-based foods
  • How to prepare quick, simple, and delicious vegan recipes on a budget
  • To identify where to purchase fresh, organic, and equitable produce
  • How to create a weekly menu and shopping list that is both healthy and tasty
  • The nutritional benefits of eating organically and locally
  • Why and how to sprout and pickle
  • About our digestive and immune systems and their vital role in wellbeing
  • The importance of detoxing and supplementation and how to do it
  • How to be mindful and its transformative effects
  • How to follow your food plan when eating out and traveling

What to Expect Each Class

  • Mindfulness
  • Hands-on preparation of a delectable 5 course meal
  • Sharing of success and challenges with group support
  • Power-point review of DVDs seen at home
  • A Guest lecturer

Enroll Now if You're

  • seeking to improve your wellbeing
  • looking for a supportive, local vegan community
  • interested in earning a health educator certificate to teach this curriculum to adults or children

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FALL 2018 ONLY: FREE Bio Well energy testing ($175 value)

Class participation comes with FREE Bio Well energy testing ($175 value) pre and post course, as well as a FREE BEMER session each week.

Bio-Well is a device made specifically for an express assessment of the energetic state of a person. You will be tested by a level 1 and 2 certified assessor who was trained by the Russian inventor of this technology himself.

Technology is based on Electro-Photonic Imaging or Gas Discharge Visualization technique.  (Kirlian effect)

Interpretation of the scans is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Auyrveda and many scientific and clinical researches made throughout 20 years. It allows to foresee the functional disorders and to take preventive actions before the illness takes place. It is fast, visual and easy to use.

Bio-Well has been developed by an international team led by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and brings the powerful technology known as Gas Discharge Visualization technique to Accessory attachments are also available for testing of environment, water impact in an environment and just about anything.

The Technology: GDV Technique

GDV Technique is the computer registration and analysis of electro-photonic emissions of different objects, including biological (specifically the human fingers) resulting from placing the object in the high-intensity electromagnetic field on the device lens.

When a scan is conducted, a weak electrical current is applied to the fingertips for less than a millisecond. The object’s response to this stimulus is the formation of a variation of an “electron cloud” composed of light energy photons. The electronic “glow” of this discharge, is captured by the camera system and then translated and transmitted back in graphical representations to show stress evaluations.

The image, which we create in Bio-Well instrument, is based on ideas of Traditional Chinese Medicine and verified by 20 years of clinical experience by hundreds of practitioners with many thousands of patients. The scanning process is quick, easy and non-intrusive!! Get real time feedback on what factors – positive and negative – affect your stress state. With the Bio-Well Sputnik accessory, measure environment and objects. It provides an impression of your energy and stress levels and allows users to see their transformation and the influence of different situations and stimuli.

The market price for a scan is $175, but as an Eat to Thrive class member this is FREE.


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