Board Of Directors

Betsy Bragg

Executive Director
Certified Hippocrates Health Educator
Designer/Teacher Eat to Thrive
Recipient of 2014 Humanitarian Service
Award of Hippocrates Health Institute

Betsy Bragg is the designer and teacher of Eat to Thrive: 10-Weeks to Lifelong Healthy Habits and Healthy Living. Betsy has a diverse background including nearly 45 years as a classroom teacher (kindergarten through college) and serving as the Director of Middlesex County Employment and Training Program for Refugees and Immigrants. She is a principal of Lindsley Planning Associates contracting with the United Nations, USAID and Central American Bank in the West Indies, the Philippines, Japan, and El

Her varied experiences as educator, counselor, chef, and computer consultant have combined to prepare her for her chosen role as CEO of Optimum Health Solution, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing obesity, chronic disease and malnutrition, especially in children through education and advocacy of healthy living.
Betsy’s education includes a bachelor’s degree from Smith College in history and English, a master’s in counseling and education from Stanford University and Harvard University, a master’s in education from Boston University in the administration of multi-cultural non-profit organizations, and certification as a Hippocrates Health Educator.
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Tom Lindsley

President, Board of Directors

Tom Lindsley’s commitment is to improve the psychological, educational and emotional health of children by ending childhood obesity. He is a guiding light to the Executive Director and fellow Board members. With two children of his own, Tom blends his corporate and personal life in support of Optimum Health Solution.
Tom has kept on the leading edge of nutrition and health by; personally visiting and working with the methods of many of the top alternative health centers in the country, hosting the leading scientists in nutrition for over 20 years in Boston, traveling to other cultures to discover native methods and habits of indigenous cultures that optimize health.
Tom also has his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Massachusetts and is the owner of Tom Sawyer Inc, Construction Services.

Dr. Brian Clement

Dr. Brian Clement, Ph.D., N.M.D., C.N., has spearheaded the international progressive health movement for more than three decades. By conducting daily clinical research as the director of the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, the world’s foremost complementary residential health Mecca, he and his team have developed a state of the art program for health maintenance and recovery. His Florida center has pioneered a program and established training in active aging and disease prevention. With hundreds of thousands of people participating

in this program over the last half-century, volumes of data have been accrued giving Clement a privileged insight into the lifestyle required to maintain youth, vitality, and stamina. His latest book “Longevity” delivers cutting-edge knowledge coupled with a common sense practical approach that will raise your level of health and happiness.

Dr. Clement is first and foremost a devoted husband and a caring father. In addition to daily counseling and research studies, Clement conducts conferences worldwide on attaining health and creating longevity giving them a roadmap for redirecting, enriching and extending their lives.

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Joseph Lucier

Treasurer, Board Of Director

Joseph Lucier LMT NANP, is a licensed medical massage therapist, a student of herbalism, software engineer and a long time student of Asian culture. He is also an advocate for plant-based nutrition and veganism, a Vegan Chef, health educator, and lecturer. He has a degree in Chinese Studies from Boston College, Boston MA USA. After college, he moved to Asia and lived there for 15 years. He then returned to the US, worked as a software engineer while also focusing on Medical Massage Therapy. In 2001, he learned the Tam Healing System, inspired by the selfless dedication of Tom Tam to remove suffering and help people.

Additionally, he supports health through the Living Foods Lifestyle through the following activities:

Founder of the Raw New England Community

Author, Avocado Joy

Trainer – Healthy Living Seminars for food preparation and nutrition

Publisher and Editor, The Raw New England Community Newsletter

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Carolyn Montalto

Clerk, Board Of Directors

Carolyn Montalto joins the OHS board as our new clerk. With over 25 years experience in nonprofit management, Carolyn’s background is well-suited to assisting with all aspects of running a small grassroots organization. When she served as executive director of the Walker Center for Ecumenical Exchange, a retreat facility in Newton, MA, she expanded the food service to include vegetarian and vegan options. By providing delicious, nutritious and healthy meals, group reservations increased steadily until the center was booked solid! Currently, Carolyn is the executive director of the Community Day Center of Waltham,

a day shelter for individuals in Waltham who are experiencing homelessness. She brings a wide range of skills to her leadership of this organization–from marketing communications to operations management–but she feels particular joy providing nutritious lunches and designing workshops in health and wellness for her guests. The Day Center has its own flower, herb, and vegetable garden so that guests can grow and help prepare their own food. In her spare time, Carolyn loves to shop at farmer’s markets, collect cookbooks, and try out new vegan recipes for her family.
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Betsy Bragg, Executive Director
Optimum Health Solution
337 Newton Street, #4
Waltham, MA 02453
Office 617-835-2913