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“Eat to Thrive—10 Weeks to Life Long Healthy Habits & Healthy Living”


Real Kids Real Food Kids-Tested Recipes Paperback


Lucky the kids who partake in these classes! Well thought out plans…

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Eat to Thrive: 10 Weeks to Life Long Healthy Habits and Healthy Living


“Eat to Thrive” Recipe Collection : 10 Weeks to Life Long Healthy Eating


See what people are saying about us

  • Improved administrative organizational skills, time-management, and planning .Introduced me to professional website editing.Strengthened newsletter edits .Introduced me to the necessary skills needed to maintain and run a professional business.Introduced me to an alternative vegan diet that provides multiple health benefits.

    Samantha Finnegan
  • Strengthened my administrative organizational skills, focusing on tasks such as email correspondence, newsletter editing, and maintaining social networks. Introduced me to educational health standards in regards to writing lesson plans for Real Kids Real Food Introduced me to healthier lifestyle

    Sarah Steinberg
  • Introduced me to the vegan & vegetarian world and the health benefits that come from it Showed me the in’s and out’s of a non-profit and all of the hard work that goes into running a business Improved my time management, communication, and organizational skills Enhanced my writing skills through writing the teacher and family tips for the Real Kids Real Food book Developed strong sincere relationships with my supervisor and team members

    Kara Lakin
  • What Betsy Bragg has done for the future of our children and essentially our planet is beyond words. She has created a connection with our youth through practical and simple ideas that unite families and empower immune systems. The end result is joy, vitality, and a growing respect for all life.

    Brian Clement
  • The Eat to Thrive 10 week course has been interesting, thought provoking, and insightful on many levels. Eating a whole foods, plant-based, unprocessed diet and living with gratitude and mindfulness are key to gaining optimal health. Your class demonstrated that very thoroughly through the many personal testimonials and videos. Betsy has been an utter joy, an ideal role model for turning one’s life around, and a patient teacher

    Sadie DiSimone

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